Inspire Change in your Community

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Master Recyclers are community champions trained in all thing related to waste and recycling. They work within our community to educated and empower people to waste less and recycle more.

Learn from experts

Join 30 recycling enthusiastis in an extensive eight-week course that features industry experts and tours of local waste facilities. You'll learn about:

  • Sustainable behavior change
  • Fixing and reusing items 
  • The sharing community
  • Toxics reduction
  • Residential recycling and waste programs
  • Event and public space recycling
  • Backyard composting 
  • Food waste prevention

Make a difference

After gaining in-depth knowledge of Flagstaff's waste system, you'll join a growing community of other Master Recyclers who volunteer to share their knowledge with the rest of the community

Your commitment

In order to receive your Master Recycler certification, volunteer 30 hours to inspire change in your community. You can do this by staffing information booths at community events, festivals, and farmers markets, or help with projects like fix-it clinics, event recycling, and improving recycling at your place of work, school, or worship.