October - 2017

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This monthly newsletter will hopefully reduce our need to spam your email inboxes with sporadic emails communicating opportunities and how to get involved. Each month we'll include info on what is happening in the community and beyond related to waste, upcoming volunteer opportunities, appreciation of ambitious volunteers, as well as future learning opportunities.

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While this will hopefully streamline communication, you are still welcome to contact Dylan (dlenzen@flagstaffaz.gov or 928-213-2158) anytime you have a question. 


The City’s new Waste to Profit program seeks material producers

The City of Flagstaff is launching a Waste to Profit program, designed to turn troublesome waste streams to profit through a partnership with the City’s Community Investment and the Sustainability Sections. The program will provide up to $8,000 in incentives to convert an idea and a waste stream into a product or service.

The first step in this process is to identify existing waste streams. To do so, the City is asking businesses and organizations to self-identify the troublesome parts of their waste stream that are not already being diverted. Examples might include vinyl signs, spent grain, non-recyclable plastics, wooden pallets or any other by-product you are producing in large quantities.

Read more about this new program


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

We've got plenty of opportunities coming up over the next couple weeks, including one more Farmer's Market, NAU's Green Game, Drop Off-Day, Sunnyside canvassing, and a Fall Festival at the Arboretum. Check out the calendar below for a full list. If you click on the event you're interested in, you'll find a description of the event as well as a contact to sign up. Visit the volunteer calendar here.


Volunteer Appreciations

Thank you to those of you have already become certified Master Recyclers!


Tom McCall completed much of his volunteer requirement by educating his coworkers and improving the recycling program where he works at Arizona Game and Fish. Tom's latest presentation on recycling was to a group of 60 Game and Fish employees during a 2-day meeting. He also collected over 60 pounds of recycling items during the event!

Jim Tuck was the first to complete his 30 volunteer hours! Jim is a long-time Fix-it Clinic volunteer who as been active many community events around town including Earth Day, Drop-off Day and the Flagstaff Community Market. He's also a volunteer baby holder at Flagstaff Medical Center. Jim is everywhere and we are lucky to have him in this town.

Amanda Kapp has done great work creating engaging videos through Flagstaff Green Minute to help Flagstaff residents recycle better and prevent waste. She has also delivered presentations to help local organizations and their employees become better recyclers. She loves it when friends, who know she is a Master Recycler, contact her to ask 'reduce, reuse, recycling' questions.

David Zimmerman completed the majority of his hours as a canvasser as part of the City's efforts to roll out new recycling bins in the Sunnyside neighborhood. David has helped a significant portion of the neighborhood answer their recycling questions. David has also delivered presentations at the Literacy Center and provided recycling outreach at events like Earth Day and Drop-off Day. 

Charlene Tomlinson has been a huge help tabling at community events like Earth Day and Community Market about recycling and food waste prevention. She has also incorporated recycling, composting, and food waste outreach into presentations through her work as a Master Gardener.

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Thursday, October 12th from 10:00-11:30 (PST)

Download the 'Built Environment Webinar Flyer' with more information on the webinar and the presenters!

The Built Environment often connects the focus of climate programs to promoting building efficiency operations with regards to energy and water efficiency and renewable energy. While this is important, significant greenhouse gas emissions occur before the building is even inhabited, during design, construction and the sourcing of building materials. These ‘embodied’ carbon emissions can be addressed by understanding their sources and designing our built environment to optimize material use. This webinar brings together three industry and government leaders in analyzing and finding solutions through the Embodied Carbon Network and their academic and professional practices. REGISTER HERE


This is a great webinar featuring Paul Hawken and his new book "Drawdown." It's a New York Times bestseller and features a list of the most impactful actions for reversing global warming, including some we've discussed in the course, such as reducing wasted food and recycling. Check out a recording of the webinar here.