July - 2018

Plastic recycling is changing in Flagstaff

Going forward, you will no longer be able to recycle certain types of plastic in your curbside bin. This change stems from China's decision to ban the import of many recyclables, causing international markets for recycling to tailspin.

Find out more about these recent developments here. 

Outreach kits and materials are available

A new page was added to the website to display some of the materials available for your use. So, if you're planning on tabling at an event, canvassing in your neighborhood, or giving a presentation somewhere, give this page a look to find useful outreach materials and kits. 

Make sure to report your hours

Even if you've completed your 30-hour commitment, we'd appreciate you continuing to report your hours so that we can measure the progress of the program and improve your experience.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities

There are quite a few different opportunities to volunteer in July. We will be doing another round of door-to-door outreach in the Townsite neighborhood as well as B.Y.O. and plastic recycling outreach at various events. To learn more about an opportunity, just click on an individual event on the calendar. We'll continue to add new opportunities in July, so be sure to check back every now and then.

As always, feel free to create your own opportunities and let us know if we can help you by providing outreach materials, helping create presentations, or in any other way.

Not sure how many hours you've completed?

We've compiled all volunteer activity into a Google spreadsheet, which summarizes the various activities each Master Recycler has completed. If you scroll to the bottom, you can find the total number of hours you have completed. We'll be updating the spreadsheet at the end of each month. You can access the spreadsheet here.