The City’s new Waste to Profit program seeks material producers

The City of Flagstaff is launching a Waste to Profit program, designed to turn troublesome waste streams to profit through a partnership with the City’s Community Investment and the Sustainability Sections. The program will provide up to $8,000 in incentives to convert an idea and a waste stream into a product or service.

The first step in this process is to identify existing waste streams. To do so, the City is asking businesses and organizations to self-identify the troublesome parts of their waste stream that are not already being diverted. Examples might include vinyl signs, spent grain, non-recyclable plastics, wooden pallets or any other by-product you are producing in large quantities.
In order to participate, the City of Flagstaff will need information on the waste for diversion, including:

  • Material name
  • Type of material (e.g. hard plastic, organic material, packaging, construction /demolition waste, textiles, etc.)
  • Rough quantity of material
  • Frequency of production (is this a one-time waste product or regularly produced)
  • A photo of the material

Once the City has a list of divertible materials, it will issue a “Call for Innovators” inviting entrepreneurs and businesses to submit proposals to convert the materials into a product or service. The most interesting idea will receive $4,000 in initial seed funding to help turn it into a product or service, as well as $4,000 upon the success of the product or service.

For businesses looking to divert troublesome parts of their waste stream, please contact Dylan Lenzen ( or 928-213-2158). Interested innovators should look for a “Call for Innovators” that will be released in early November at