While you are more than welcome to create your own volunteer opportunities, this calendar contains upcoming sponsored events and opportunities to share your expertise with the community.

Click on an individual event to find out details and contact information.

Ongoing opportunities


Some opportunities occur throughout the year on a recurring basis, including the following:


Tynkertopia is a local non-profit dedicated to helping kids learn science skills using repurposed items. They depend on donations of materials as well as volunteers who assist kids in inquiry based learning and experimentation. Volunteers can come help educate kids and parents on principles of reuse and the changing nature of the recycling landscape in Flagstaff. You can learn more about them at https://www.tynkertopia.org/home and https://www.knau.org/post/teachers-get-creative-fund-hands-science Interested volunteers can contact Dr. Alice Christie at (928) 326-3400 or founder@tynkertopia.org

Cart Tagging

Our updated plastics recycling tags have detailed information on what types of plastic are recyclable in Flagstaff. This is one of the largest sources of confusion for area residents. We have lots of tags pre-hung with wire to allow for quick installation on bins. Feel free to stop by our office and pick up some tags and we can print you a map of the area to want to tag so we can keep track of which areas have been done. Please contact Dylan at dlenzen@flagstaffaz.gov or (928) 213-2158 for more information.

Discard Library Book Recycling

The Friends of the Library has an ongoing project to recycle discarded books. In order for the paper to be recycled the covers and spines must be removed first, this will require a short training session to learn the procedures. Volunteer times are available Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm at the Main Library (300 W. Aspen Ave). Interested volunteers should contact Dylan at dlenzen@flagstaffaz.gov or Anna Del Paxton at (928) 699-4274. Discard procedures are located here

Bring your own Campaign

In April, the City launched its BYO (Bring Your Own) campaign to promote the use of reusable items and reduce single-use plastic. If you know of a coffee shop, grocery store, or business that could be benefit from BYO outreach, please let us know. We can help facilitate tabling opportunities to get residents to take our BYO pledge and giveaway free reusable mugs, water bottles and bags. 

NAU Food Recovery

Food Recovery Network.jpg

Extra food often does not get to the people who need it the most. Campus Dining works with the Food Recovery Network to donate hot food to both the Sunshine Rescue Mission and Flagstaff Family Food Center. (During the fall semester NAU donated over 4,500 lbs. of food - that's about 50 meals per week!) 

Student, staff and faculty drivers are needed to deliver trays of food Monday-Friday around 2pm. It takes about half an hour. Sign up for one day or multiple days. Interested? Contact gabriela.galvan@nau.edu